1. What is Odwadini?

Odwadini is a basic voice guide accounting app aimed at helping businesses, shop owners and traders in a more formal way of financial record keeping. It is available in various Ghanaian languages and English.

2. How can Odwadini help my business grow?

Studies have shown that if you manage your business based on data, you are more likely to succeed and grow than companies who do not use data in their decision-making process. Odwadini enables you to adopt this world-class practice simply by using the app on your smartphone. After you have used the app for some time, we can help you grow even faster by connecting qualifying business owners to banks to receive loans.

3. Who can use Odwadini?

Odwadini is developed for every business owner provided you have a smartphone and want to keep track of your business finances. It has a voice guide embedded in the app to allow easy accessibility for the vision impaired and the less educated.

4. What does Odwadini mean?

Odwadini is an Akan word meaning a trader/merchant/business person. We believe in order to be successful in every business venture you will need to keep proper records especially your finances. Hence Odwadini manages the finances of a business minded person.

5. Can service providing business use Odwadini?

Stay tuned!

6. Is it available for use on my computer or iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is not currently a version of Odwadini built for Apple phones or online, but we do plan to have one ready in the coming months. If you are interested in being notified when it is available, sign up here.

7. How much does Odwadini cost?

Odwadini is free for small businesses to use. Performing transactions, seeing them on your dashboard and viewing reports will always be free. Additional features such as receiving notifications on your debtors and creditors, advertising your business, being able to add receipt, edit & delete, advance filtering, download an income statement, or being recommended to a bank for financing may be part of a premium subscription. Our mission is to always make Odwadini affordable for small business owners.

8. Does my business have to be registered for me to use Odwadini?

Nope! Odwadini is for any small business to use, your registration status, size or stage does not matter. If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out. Use Odwadini. If you’ve been in operation for 2 years. Use Odwadini. If you have 5 employees and are growing fast. Use Odwadini. If you’re a student dreaming of starting a business.

9. Do I have to use separate devices to download odwadini for each of my business?

Only one smartphone is enough. Once downloaded, you can register one or more businesses in the app.

10. Don’t live in Ghana. Can I still use Odwadini?

Right now, Odwadini is only available in Ghana, but we will be coming to other countries as soon as possible. If you want your country to be next, send us a message here and put your country in the subject line.

11. Does Odwadini provide loans?

Odwadini is not a financial or a money lending institution hence no loans can be secured from Odwadini. However, it’s a future plan to connect our users to other financial institutions for loans and financing purposes.

12. Can I transfer or receive money using Odwadini?

No. Odwadini is a business financial record keeping and management app.

 13. Can I use Odwadini offline?

Odwadini runs only online. This is to help ensure real time data storage, accessibility, recovery, security anytime, anywhere as well as saving phone storage capacity.

14. Can I still use Odwadini if I am not in charge of the day to day running of my business?

Odwadini has a special feature for signing up other users onto your account and assigning to them attendant, supervisor or administrator roles so transactions can be done even in your absence whilst you track wherever you are.

15. When can I use the app after sign up

There is no waiting period after sign up. Odwadini is ready for use right after the simple sign up steps.

16. What happens when I forget my password

There is always an option to reset your password anytime.

17. Are there limits on transactions made in Odwadini.

Odwadini is open to any number of transactions as long as your business stays in operation.

Currently there is such no features in Odwadini

19. Can I get report for all transactions I record in Odwadini?

There are specific reports for stocks, profit/loss and all other accounts to serve your needs.

20. What do I do if I have a complaint or suggestions?

Complaints or suggestions can be made in any of the following ways, direct call, email, odwadini social media handles and Google Play Store comment section.

21. Can I use Odwadini to track debtors and creditors? How?

Yes! Creditors and debtors are generated when items are purchased or sold on credit respectively. Odwadini collects the creditor’s and debtor’s information as well as their due dates for making and receiving payments respectively and sends you a notification when date is due. This way you get hold of your debtors and creditors.

22. What is a balance sheet?

A balance sheet is a component of financial statement that reveals the financial status or position of a business as of a specific point in time.

23. What is a profit and loss statement?

A profit and loss statement is a component of financial statement that reveals the performance of a business over a period.
It summarizes the revenues, costs, expenses and tells whether profit or loss was realized over that period.

24. How can I see on the app that my business is running at a loss?

There are color indicators that shows whether a profit or loss is being realized at the profit/loss report in the app. Green for profit and Red for loss.

25. How do I Top up or Reduce my Cash-in-hand?

At the Business Dashboard, tap on the icon of a hand holding cash, Enter the amount you want to topup or reduce. Then select the transaction type either topup or Reduction. You may add remarks (Optional). Click on submit to effect changes.