Branche Associations, Banks targeting SME, insurance companies, Microcredit organizations….all benefit if their members or customers get better at managing their business finances and take sound decisions based on the right information.

Odwadini offers collective subscriptions where your members or customers can access our app and all of its features for free as part of their relationship with you. We offer “white label” solutions where the Odwadini app operates under your brand and styling.

Branche Organisations

Branche Organisation

Give your members free access to Odwadini as part of their membership; they have a free accounting software at their fingertips with overviews of their profits and losses for various products and services.

Banks targetting SME

Offer Odwadini for free to your SME customers under your own brand name to help them improve their business decision and manage their debtors and more.

Banks targetting SME

Micorcredit Organizations

Microcredit Organizations

Odwadini assists your members while meeting in groups to follow up on their loans and helps them to improve their profitability.

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